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Managed by Hideki Shimizu, Yamakage-style Art of the Knife Master
Osaka Tenmangu, known for its god of education, is on the sacred land of the Tenjin Festival, one of the 3 biggest festivals in Japan. During the festival, the main hall of the shrine hosts a ceremonial offering of the Yamakage style knife ritual where a robed master skillfully fillets and cuts the ingredients using only his blade and special fish chopsticks, a ritual that dates back to the early Heian period.
The spirit of Japanese tradition and its dedication to the craft.
The Japanese spirit, as it is also known in the expression “Wabi Sabi”, is to honor the importance of respect. The spirit of bringing out the best in food and its ingredients and to appreciate them is what we have continued to strive for. Offering 37 years of refined skill that will shine in our dishes.
Dining Hall
17F : Restaurant& Dining KUKAI
6:00AM – 10:00AM
Please inquire with the hotel for lunch, dinner or private party reservations.
The start of the day should begin a healthy breakfast. Treat yourself today.
Offering a variety of over 50 kinds of not only Japanese but Western, Chinese and fusion dishes. Please enjoy the essence of Japanese Umami in this buffet style breakfast service.