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Designers Hollywood Twin
(View Bath) : Mika Hashimoto
Collaborating Artist
Mika Hashimoto
Mika Hashimoto is a talented artist creating her masterpieces based on the concept of sharing strength, happiness and healing.
She incorporates a mystical take on the wonders and colors of nature and its scenery while portraying truthfulness through the eyes, the windows to the soul.
Mika is not just a successful artist but also a distinguished YouTuber mainly specializing in elaborate nail art techniques and design.
13F × 4 Rooms
2 people
2 Beds
122cm×195cm ( each )
There is also plenty of storage available under the bed and an extra futon in the Tatami room. This room can accommodate up to 3 guests comfortably.
1301 Rooms : Blossoms on the water
Like a bouquet shifting its figure in the ripples, the plants swimming in the ocean fill the surface of the water. May our guests staying in this room be blessed with endless happiness.
1318 Rooms : To a brighter day
The warm and radiant sun shines upon the plants bringing out the bright colors within. The artist hopes to deliver a ray of sunshine and bring out the true beauty within for all our guests staying in this room.
1319 Rooms : The day the waves dance with the plants
The waves tempt the brilliant plants with an inviting dance. May our guests staying in this room be blessed with happiness that make them want to dance a little too.
1336 Rooms : An unforgettable ocean sunset
The evening sunset gleams pink and orange over the water and sky, still making out the palm trees in the final twilight. May our guests in this room leave with plenty lovely memories of Osaka city.
1711 Rooms : A ray of hope from the tranquil seabed
Escape the noise and stress from the city hustle and bustle of today’s modern society. A relaxing space that shines a ray of possibilities to drive you to a bright new day.
Moderate Twin Japanese Style Room
Moderate Twin Western Style Room
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Collaboration Room Moderate Twin
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