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The World to Osaka and
Osaka to the World
At our hotel lobby which is designed with concepts of Osaka Castle, you will be welcomed with seasonal flowers and access to a beautiful golden tea room.
You may also find Japan’s first unmanned tour desk "Explorer Tours" offering one-day sightseeing tours to Kyoto or Nara from the hotel. A variety of contents have been thoughtfully prepared so domestic and overseas travelers can enjoy the Osaka and the Kansai areas.
A never-ending pursuit to keep your hotel experience a whimsical one.
The last of all 371 rooms are expected to be open by May 2020. Each floor will sequentially open over 4 phases. Room designs will be done with collaborating local artists from Osaka and will be released
January 29, 2019
14F – 17F
109 Guestrooms
April 19, 2019
36 Guestrooms
October 1, 2019
10F – 12F
118 Guestrooms
7F – 9F
108 Guestrooms
Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel is an official partner (Associate Hotel) of Universal Studios Japan
We offer convenient park admission tickets and package deals with your accommodation plans for fast and convenient access. Skip the line at the ticket booth and get right into the fun!
Make your unforgettable memories now. The park is waiting!
The variety of themed areas throughout the park is a different world filled with wonder and fascination. From family friendly shows and attractions based on big Hollywood films to lively seasonal events, this world-class entertainment wonderland is sure to bring fun and smiles to the whole family.
Images are for illustrative purposes.
Images are for illustrative purposes.