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[Guaranteed Best Price]
Always get the best price when you make your reservation through the official site.
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The World to Osaka
and Osaka to the World
Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel is proud to welcome you to this monumental commercial skyscraper appropriately located in the city’s scenic bay area with direct access from the station. Embodying ‘Spirit of Osaka’ as its concept, it offers a plethora of fun eye-popping contents and an unforgettable accommodation experience.
Selected as Japan’s Top 100 best night views
Enjoy the spectacular night view of Osaka from our spacious guest rooms that comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults and a good night’s sleep on our luxury hotel grade Serta mattresses. You may also make use of our entertainment system on the handy tablet service ‘tabii’ to watch Youtube, search nearby places of interest or recommended bars and restaurants.
Osaka x Hotel Collaboration
The Osakagenic Project aims to bring a little fun into your stay and share the appeal of Osaka to the world. As ‘Osaka to the World’ being the backbone concept, we've collaborated with renowned local artists and businesses to design these special guest rooms. Enjoy the amazing murals and concept rooms.
The taste of Japan passed down for a 1000 years There is always a story behind the spirit and technique.
Yamakage-ryu is a style of Japanese cuisine said to have begun in the Heian period and can now be experienced here at the hands of our master chef. In addition to carrying out the ceremonial filleting of a fish which is offered to the God at Tenjin Festival (One of the 3 biggest festivals in Japan), In 2003 Master Hideki Shimizu received the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister’s Award honored only to the highest of skilled chefs in the country. Experience the harmonious symphony of his cuisine right here.
A base for your travels or the start of new business endeavors
20 minutes to Trade Center Mae Station from Namba or Umeda. Hotel is directly accessible from ATC (Asia-Pacific Trade Center). A 2-minute walk from the station which is shaded and covered. Free shuttle service to and from Kansai International Airport and from the hotel to Universal Studios Japan, Namba and The Osaka Aquarium, KAIYUKAN.


Welcome to Osaka There’s much more to the city than just Kuidaore
From historical places of interest to casual walking spots,
A family friendly leisure spot for everyone!
Here are a few select eats we recommend for taking on the go.